How to Earn in Vemma?

What is Vemma Business and How to Earn in Vemma? Basically there are many ways to earn in Vemma. If you want to know more on the earning plan, make sure you check out Earn@Vemma.

What Is Vemma Product?

Is Vemma product really that good? Is Vemma expensive? Understand more about Vemma products helps to build your business strong. Click here to read about Product@Vemma.

More Questions?

You definitely have more questions. Eg. I don't have any online knowledge, I don't know how to find people, how? What is the start up costs? How to success in Vemma? etc. Simply click here for FAQ@Vemma.

3 Steps To Make Money In Vemma

“How to Make Money in Vemma” always a hot topic for members in Vemma or for those who are doing researches online before joining. From my experience in Vemma, let me share with you the 3 steps that I’m using and I hope it benefits you.

Most people joining Vemma with the main objective of make money from this business online. Other reasons just come next. So, in order to make money online with Vemma, what you really need to focus are the 3 things below:

1) Consistently Generate Leads to VemmaBuilder

Vemma already has a very powerful system – VemmaBuilder, what you need to do is to consistently get people to fill in the VemmaBuilder form (get leads). The system will then take care of the Pre-enrollees (PE) by sending them autoresponder emails. It sounds easy? But why some people can get more leads than others? The answer is – Internet Marketing knowledge. The way you market your VemmaBuilder website online would directly affect your leads generation results. Therefore, if you are considering Vemma opportunity, choose a Team that provide you Internet Network Marketing Training is important.

2) Following up with PE

Other than the default emails by VemmaBuilder, do your own following up with PE is important. I normally use email following up and it brings me good results. Following up with phone calls is another good option. If the PE is in the same country with you, give them a ring to remind them they have emails sending them more information about Vemma. An effective following up will always increase the conversion rate in your Vemma business.

3) Do the Closing Effectively

This is the most important stage where after you have shared Vemma opportunity to interested party, you need to do some actions to bring them in to join you as business partners. If you are able to do the closing yourself, that will be wonderful. However, it always requires some experiences especially if you are too new in the Internet Network Marketing industry. Get advice and support from uplines and sharing tips between team members will help to get good results.

With my 3 mths with Vemma, I’ve personally sponsored 25 members (22 members 100% online enrollment, 3 members enrolled offline) to the team and with the total PE of around 400 (Conversion rate of 6%).

I’m going to share with all the team members in Vemma Team Alpha on How I do the 3 Steps above effectively and the Secret Magics that I use to increase my Conversion Rate. This is the Offline Hands On Training specially organize for Vemma Team Alpha members only.

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Vemma Team Alpha Offline Internet Network Marketing Training

To get more information on how to join our team and get Exclusive Online and Offline Internet Network Marketing  Training for Free (worth thousands dollars of value), simply  fill up the form at the side bar or you may contact me via the following:

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See you all in the Training and wish you success in Vemma!

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August 29, 2010

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