How to Earn in Vemma?

What is Vemma Business and How to Earn in Vemma? Basically there are many ways to earn in Vemma. If you want to know more on the earning plan, make sure you check out Earn@Vemma.

What Is Vemma Product?

Is Vemma product really that good? Is Vemma expensive? Understand more about Vemma products helps to build your business strong. Click here to read about Product@Vemma.

More Questions?

You definitely have more questions. Eg. I don't have any online knowledge, I don't know how to find people, how? What is the start up costs? How to success in Vemma? etc. Simply click here for FAQ@Vemma.

How to SELL Vemma Product?

how to sell vemma

Just finished attending Vemma’s webinar presentation and member training. This is a great presentation to let pre-enrollees understand more about Vemma Online Business. I thought I won’t have much friends attending because 6pm is dinner time and most people just busy preparing dinner or having dinner with family. BUT, surprisingly, I have pre-enrollees who actually attended and email me for some enquiries.

Most common questions they ask is “how to sell the product?” or “do we need to sell the product?”

And most of the time I would also ask them back “Do you feel that I SELL you product so far?”

I hope from my question back they will realize this is about SHARING – sharing about Vemma business opportunity, sharing about Vemma product. What I do so far is just sharing with them I’m in Vemma Online Business and invite them to find out more through Vemma Builder website or my blog.

I believe everyone can do the sharing. For example, you have watched a great movie and you share around with your friends and your network friends. Of course, normally people’s response will be like:

  1. Nope, I don’t like this movie. I prefer Movie XYZ.
  2. Yes, I watched also and I give this movie 4 stars.
  3. Really? Maybe I should find time and watch this movie.

See, when we share about Vemma, we have the 3 responses above also. Either they totally don’t like the industry we are in or they like this industry but they prefer Company XYZ. It’s ok, because we still have those who want to explore more.

The key here is, be consistent and perseverance. Some people who tell you they don’t like the actors in the movie would finally watch the movie because of your influence. Some people who tell you they like the movie but no time to watch would finally watch it because you invite them for few times. And, most important is, you must be very sure that the movie is great for you to recommend! Be confident in yourself!

This come suddenly in my mind, why there is no affiliate program from cinema? Maybe we all can get some commission by recommending good movies.. Haaa…

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